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Behind The Scenes

Acrylic Glass

45 by 30cm with shadow and easel120 by 70 with mounting and shadow


Acrylic glass is a stunning way to display photos as sleek wall art. Acrylic glass can be used for home and commercial interior design and has the power to create a stunning visual in any room.

Seventeen times stronger than glass, at half the weight, means that it can be placed wherever you desire. The printing quality is of the highest quality available today.

My photos are produced using state of the art printing technology. They are printed on the Vutek UV 9 colour machine. This means that the colours are incredibly vibrant and fluorescent, compared to other companies or photographers using 4 colour printers. The images a sealed from the outside environment and are protected from UV rays, ensuring that your print will not fade for up to 50 years. All acrylic is 10mm in depth, ensuringĀ strength and boldness to the finished print.

The printer can print acrylic up to 3.2 metres wide, providing you the comfort that you will never struggle finding a large enough artwork for a large foyer, living room, or hotel lobby.